Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

Report Text of Koala


Koalas have brownish-grey or silver-grey fur, and a big pink and/or black nose. They have sharp claws which help them to climb.[8] They can hear and smell very well, but they cannot see very well at all.
Koalas are mostly active at night. They live in trees, and they do not like to be on the ground. They mostly eat leaves, bark and fruit of some Eucalyptus trees. Koalas do not drink often, they get most of their water from the leaves they eat. 

Report Text of Panda

Panda is a kind of bear, but it different from it’s brother bear. Because it eats young bamboo and doesn’t eat meat like their brother. For some people, panda is a tame animal (if you don’t make it felt disturb).

Resensi Ayah mengapa aku berbeda?

Judul    Buku                        : Ayah Mengapa Aku Berbeda?  
Penulis                                  : Agnes dan Teddy Davonar 
Penerbit                                : Inandra  Published 
Tempat dan tahun terbit    : Jakarta, September – 2011
Jumlah halaman                   : 234 halaman
Ukuran buku                        : 13cm x 19 cm 
Harga buku                           : Rp 35.000,-
Nomor ISBN                         : 978-979-18346-7-4
Warna cover                         : Orange - Kuning                         
Jenis Kertas                          : Kertas daur ulang (kertas ubi)